Orlando Rymer

Orlando Rymer

New York, NY, US



I am an experienced professional with a competitive yet humble mindset which allows me to set high goals without losing track of my purpose.

For over 5 years, this approach has propelled me to win several awards and recognition as a Government Contractor for the US Army, excelling in Project Planning, Construction Management, Architectural Design, Creative Concepts and Design.

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SERCO NORTH AMERICA,, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ , Architecture / Engineering Designer

Key Achievements:
 Catapulted Serco Design Team by introducing new design methods gaining several Army Recognitions.
 Elevated new and existing customer satisfaction, retention and referrals by providing a high quality of work.
Battlefield Infrastructure
 Transformed 2D Architectural building plans into 3D drawings using Revit, CAD and 3D Studio Max.
 Produced 3D architectural drawings and site plans for the expansion of classified offices.
 Supervised contractors to ensure high quality work to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Illuminated Multi-touch Interface Tables
 Conceptualized and produced a unique, multi-touch war game simulation table for U.S. Army facilities.
 Created 3D Architectural animations of office spaces to promote the table’s unique functionality and design.
 Managed the production tables with manufactures implemented CAD and 3D software design.

M1126 Stryker Robotics
 Produced 3D conceptual animations to promote innovative design ideas to members of the U.S. Army.
 Reversed engineered Robotic Arm and mount for the M1126 Stryker Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle.
 Created tools to enhance the operational perforce of the robot arm utilizing 3D scanning and 3D printing.
 Made a mechanical vial dispenser system for the collection of nuclear, biological and chemical material.

Android GPS Body Mount
 Created a Ruggedized 3D printed prototype Android Case to be used in all terrain conditions.
 Designed Arm mount for a GPS device allowing U.S. Army soldier to have easier access in the field.

PMCCS (Project Manager Close Combat Systems) Shoulder Launched Munitions Trainer
 Designed 3D environments for the creation of the multimedia training simulations for the U.S. Army.
 Developed a 3D multimedia trainer to increase safety, proper weapons selection and target proficiency.
 Produced precise 3D versions of the Shoulder Launch munitions for the training system.
 Created 3D animated soldiers to emphasis proper body mechanics while handling weapons systems.
 Developed methods that allows soldier to fully master a weapon system before ever reaching battlefield.

M67 Grenade Confidence Clip Trainer and Shoulder Launched Munitions Interactive Trainer
 Designed 3D architectural graphic for the creation of a multimedia training simulations for the U.S. Army.
 Created 3D animated soldiers to emphasis the proper body mechanics to handle and throw the M67.
 Produced a precise 3D model of the M67 fragment grenade for US Army weapon systems training.
 Developed graphical system to teach soldiers to safely engage the new grenade safety clip enhancements.
 Produced methods for the war fighter to fully master weapons systems before ever reaching battle field.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2016

City College of New York (CCNY), CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK , Adjunct Professor,

 Instructed using a hands on approach to 3D modeling, animation and rendering software design.
 Created an environment to encourage confidence in learning and establishing strength in design.
 Prepared course outlines and lectured students on 3D architectural design methods.

Jan 2009 - Jul 2010

KLEIMANN ARCHITECTS, New York, NY, US, Junior Architect Intern,

 Designed and drafted residential and commercial spaces using a range of 3D software.
 Conducted field inspections to insure compliance with client’s needs and specifications.
 Managed documents and collaborated with contractors to ensure contract specifications
and adherence.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2008

New York City Department of Buildings, New York, NY, US, Summer Intern

June 2006 – August 2006
 Inspected and documented work sites for the Forensic Engineering Department.
 Facilitated the investigation and assessment of building structural fault determination.
 Cataloged and reviewed New York City Building Codes to keep regulations in compliance.

Jun 2006 - Aug 2006

Museum of Natural History Exhibition Department, New York, NY, US, intern

 Provided a highest level of Craftsmanship to create breathtaking environments of the distant past.
 Responsible for selecting material to creating prehistoric dinosaurs and their environments.
 Instructed colleagues on how to work with meticulous care and detail to meet exhibition standards.

Jul 2005 - Aug 2006


City College of New York (CCNY), The City College of New York, MArch, Architecture and Urban Planning

City College and it's brief overview.

Students are admitted to the Master of Architecture I program after completing an undergraduate degree. The curriculum is dedicated to investigating the union of architectural form and thought. It understands architecture as the meeting ground between public and private expression and sees the city as its preeminent site. The program seeks to import mastery of the fundamental skills and ideas necessary for the practice of architecture in the 21st Century. The principal medium for this is the design studio. Nourished by courses in technology, environment, history, and theory, students will undertake problems of growing complexity over the three years of the program.

Jan 2007 - Jan 2010

SUNY New Paltz, New Paltz, NY, US, BArch, Visual Arts

Art at New Paltz and it's brief Overview.

For more than half a century, the State University of New York at New Paltz has been well known for its professional art programs and its distinguished faculty of practicing artists and designers who help students pursue creative interests and prepare for careers in the various art disciplines.

Jan 2000 - Jan 2010








Serco Excellence Award 2014, 1st Place

For the RFID Graphics and Website development. This product has been acquired by multiple customers, totaling new sales of approximately $ 700,000.00 in new business.


The United States Army, 1st Place

Project Manager Close Combat Systems Award 2013, for outstanding service in creating the M67 Fragment Hand Grenade Confidence Clip Training video and Software Animation Package.


The United States Army, 1st Place

The Highly Prized Challenge Coin Award 2013, by Colonel Steven F. Cummings, AR Project Manager Close combat Systems, for creating comprehensive training simulator, for combat development.


Iron Designer Architectural Competition winner 2009,, 1st Place

Based on the popular television show “The Iron Chef” teams of professionals from New York City’s most influential Architecture, Construction, and Engineering firms partner with students from Schools of Design for the ultimate design build challenge.


Areas of Specialization