Olga Romanova

Olga Romanova

New York, NY, US


Dwelling Elements

Barcelona Institute of Architecture, Spectral Process
Reassociation of dwelling elements
Instructors: Philippe Rahm, Renata Sentkiewicz


The task was to create a dwelling for a family of four. The resulting typology can be placed inside a multifamily building, be a town-house or a standalone house. The main focus of the project was internal organization and working of the space.

The project breaks down the dwelling into basic components and parameters of comfortable habitation. 

Then a rule of their interaction is established: level of illumination being the XY axis, thermal equilibrium being the Z axis. This way a three dimensional model of the positioning of basic actions in the dwelling is created.
The elements of the dwelling are shaped according to the minimal space required to perform an action. eg.: sleep, eat. These elements are then placed into the space model and fit as compact within the set rules as possible.

This approach creates comfortable climatic zones for the inhabitants without the need to adjust each space separately. The whole dwelling acts as one organism. 

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Status: School Project
My Role: studio work