Yussef Agbo-Ola

Yussef Agbo-Ola

London, GB



Olaniyi Studio -  is an innovative design studio that thrives on multidisciplinary relationships to actualise ideas around themes of environmentalism. We question how art, architecture, and anthropological research can create experimental environments that challenge the way we experience geological conditions, and living ecosystems. Our core mission is to expand  environmental awareness through design creativity, collective collaboration, and speculative imagination. We design architectural pavilions, bioplastic homeware  products, and garments that use closed loop systems to produce. Each component of our design process starting from idea to production to consumer experience  is produced in an ethical manner in relational to environmental resources while using industrial material recycling to create new uses for products that react against pollution and ecosystem degradation.

Yussef Agbo-Ola is the founder and creative director at Olaniyi Studio.  His multidisciplinary artistic practice creates interpretations of natural energy systems through interactive experiments. These experiments focus on depicting the multi-layered connections between, an array of sensory environments. The biological, anthropological, perceptual, and microscopic environment in which an organism inhabits are all research catalyst for creative expression. At the heart of his practice is a drive for exploration, and learning through listening, documenting, and looking at a series of environmental relations on different sensory scales. His aim is to use a diverse multidisciplinary research method, to reinterpret local knowledge, and its environmental importance cross culturally. This reaction is then expressed through architectural pavilions, photographic journalism, garments, interactive performance, digestion, experimental sound design, writing, or a quiet observing.

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Olaniyi Studio, London, GB, Creative Director + Architect + Chemist

Olaniyi Studio - My job is to research, experiment, and lead multidisciplinary teams of researchers, designers, and architects. Grant writing, and finding opportunities for the studio is always on my to do list, and making sure that each design experiment, or field expedition is carried out in an ethical way for all scales of life, human and molecular.

Artist, and all the things that artist do in architecture and creative studios.

Sep 2016 - current


Royal College of Art, London, GB, MArch, Environmental Architecture

Sep 2017 - Feb 2019

University of the Arts London, London, GB, Masters, Experimental Spatial Design + Film / Relational Asthestics

Sep 2014 - Jul 2016


EA Research Fellow Award - RCA, Grant


Art of Giving Award, International Booksmart Foundation, Award


TEDxEastEnd, Society Beyond Borders, Award


Flow Global Sustainability Award, Award


Virginia Museum of Fine Art - Character and Costume Design, Award


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