Oksana Sidarovich

Oksana Sidarovich

Woodland Hills, CA, US



I am a new L.A. area resident, with over 6 years of professional Planning experience, pursuing a Planning position to contribute solutions to the challenges facing the growth of our communities.

During my 6+ year career in the Planning field - 5.5 years as a County Planner while completing an MBA program, and 8 months as a Transportation Planning intern while completing a B.S. in Urban Planning with Economics minor - I gained knowledge of grant administration, urban, regional, transportation, and environmental planning (NEPA), while partaking in leadership opportunities and establishing working relationships with diverse groups of people.



Horst Architects, St. Charles, MO, County Planner II

• Long-term Planning
o Contributed significantly to developing St. Charles County Master Plan with data research, projections, analysis, and technical reports/graphs on population growth and land use needs using GIS software and MS Excel; Contributed to presentations designed for public input via hearings, workshops, charrettes, and focus groups; Furthered public outreach through managing Master Plan website content and public comment; Authored sections of the Master Plan with technical and non-technical writing and graphics; Designed document layout; Produced Master Plan summary poster using InDesign software;
o Contributed to the update of St. Charles County thoroughfare plan – review of existing and proposed road network.
• Short-term Planning
o Assisted diverse groups of people in-person, by telephone, and correspondence in applying ordinances to specific situations regarding development, flood-plain, conditional use permits, rezoning and variance applications, land use permits, and home-based business permits to insure compliance with requirements;
o Prepared staff reports and graphics to support variance, re-zoning, and conditional use permit application items presented to the Board of Zoning Adjustment and Planning & Zoning Commission;
o Provided research and the collection of data for various planning related projects and ordinance changes;
o Assisted with damage assessments of properties impacted by the 2008 flood.
• Grant Administration
o Completed Environmental Reviews, Financial Management, Contract Procurement, Monitoring, and Performance/Financial Reporting;
o Provided administration for over $1 million total funds of County, State, and Federal programs: EECBG, CDBG, HPRP, ESGP, and County’s Homeless/Indigent and Domestic Violence grants.
• Completed floodplain management course by National Flood Insurance Program, and attended various local Planning Conferences and HUD Grant Administration training.

Jul 2007 - Dec 2012

Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Des Moines, IA, Transportation Planning Intern

• Contributed significantly to the Des Moines Area Trails Plan.
o Utilized GIS to update existing trials within each municipality of the metropolitan area;
o Researched, analyzed, and reported demographic statistics and trail survey results from urban areas with similar demographic.
• Updated Transportation Improvement Plan (TIC) projects based on the area agencies’ information
o Updated Transportation Capital Improvement Program (TCIP) document based on CIP information at local municipalities, and generated TCIP projects map using GIS.
• Contributed to the 34/64 Corridor Study report – completed corridor travel time calculations.
• Coordinated with Des Moines Area municipalities to conduct a thorough update and mapping of metropolitan area land use plan using GIS.
• Attended various board meetings: Metropolitan Planning Authority, Transportation Technical Committee, Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board, The Heart of Iowa Regional Transit Agency, and Central Iowa Regional Transportation Planning Alliance.
• Presented projects to Des Moines Area MPO Board for comment and approval.

Jan 2006 - Aug 2006


Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO, Masters, MBA

Oct 2007 - Mar 2010

Iowa State University, Ames, IA, Bachelors, Urban Planning, Economics

Aug 2003 - May 2007

Areas of Specialization