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St Horto

Presented for the first time at the Maker Faire Rome, St Horto is the first prototype of an interactive garden that creates an ideal synergy between architecture, nature, music and social technologies.
Architecture has a key role: the asymmetric but well-proportioned spaces, which are uneven but harmonious at the same time, create unusual tactile, olfactory and visual perspectives designed to provide a deep sensorial experience that could be suitable for children too. When you go into the St Horto, you are immersed in a dynamic space characterized by a sequence of solid and empty triangulations that provides mainly educational functions. St Horto represents to Maker Faire Rome an explosion of technology, carpentry and advanced design techniques.
Cultivation areas, sonic harps, dining seating and an interactive lighting system alternate within 31 triangular tanks .
Furthermore, an accurate study on 93 nodes allows the project to have different triangulations that increase, in this way, its own technical complexity and originality.

St Horto is the winning proposal of the international competition Hortocontest.
International press has so far widely recognized it especially thanks to the exhibition Cut ‘n’ Paste, curated by Pedro Gadanho that exposes the project St Horto until December 13rd, 2013 at the MOMA Museum in New York.

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Status: Built
Location: rome
My Role: Architects
Additional Credits: Architecture: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro (OFL Architecture) e Federico Giacomarra
Consultants: Mitchell Joachim (Terreform One), Nicola Corona (Agronomo), Alberto Serra (Tecnologie Informatiche), Vincenzo Core (Compositore), Domenico Canzoniero (Titolare ndb), Marco Pesoli (Tecnico del suono), Felice Allievi (Strutturista)
Client: Maker Faire Rome
Area: 140 mq
City: Roma
Year: 2013
Web information: -