Camila Moreira

Camila Moreira

São Paulo, BR



I hope you are having a good day,

I have a Bachelor in Architecture and Urban Planning, throughout the academic period I had been into the construction area getting aside internships for over 4 years. I had had great masters who taught me the value of a well-designed and satisfactory project to the client. In my last internship I found myself passionate in ecological architecture and sustainable certifications, as it has given me this interest I developed in my monograph final papers a Sustainable Eco Resort certified by the Aqua Process (Brazilian seal) made of shipment containers as its raw material. Subsequently I ventured myself to live in the state of California - USA by means of a cultural exchange where I advanced my English language skills (fluency), additional courses related to Architecture, Sustainability and Construction (Harvard, UC Berkeley, CCSF). Completing my exchange program I returned to Brazil, currently I am an English instrutor to Portuguese native speakers, however I am looking forward to move worldwide a as a professional.

I am still working on my portfolio, as soon as I get it done I will let it be available to you all, thank you very much for you attention. 

+55 (011) 96169 2801 



British and American, Sorocaba, BR, English Teacher - since April 2018

Currently as an English teacher at British and American language school in Brazil where I have been teaching from beginners to advanced/fluency levels, mastering all verb tenses, including preparatory to take proficient exams. Clear communication and academic writing. My job is to teach, to help and evaluate the student, perceive their difficulties, be lovely and patient, prepare classes and make them interesting, be creative, outgoing. The classes are taught in English from the very basic level, which makes the work challenging and exciting.

Apr 2018 - current

Au Pair Care, Berkeley, CA, US, Experience abroad

Cultural exchange program - Bay Area SF
I had been under a selection process to qualify myself to a role in the State of California-USA. I lived with an American host family as a nanny of their two children (2 years old and 7 years old). My job was, besides taking care of the children, was also to manage their activities, drive them, help with homework, cook, teach and educate them. The official language was English, for 18 months I remained at this
learning to be foreign, being in a new and country culturally disparate of my native

Jun 2016 - Dec 2017

Machado de Campos, São Roque, BR, Architecture internship

Under supervision by the Architect Fernando Machado de Campos who contemplates more than 30 years of career I had developed the true passion for architecture through the elaboration of executive projects (AutoCad), 3D models (SketchUp), construction budgets (Excel), schedule site management, registration of suppliers, bidding processes, clients meetings and deadlines pressure. Most of the projects were very specific, like professional kitchens, and must have to meet sanitary standards.

Feb 2014 - Feb 2016

Malian Construction company, Alumínio, BR, Architecture internship

Led by the architect Maurissane Netto who opened to me the doors to the architectural world. I elaborated/developed executive floor plans, layouts, and 3D models. As my first internship it was characterized by great challenges and achievements, the office worked with residential and commercial projects.

Feb 2011 - Oct 2013


Columbia University, The Science of Learning

Mar 2018 - Mar 2019

Harvard University Ext. School, Architecture of Imagination

Feb 2017 - Feb 2018

City College San Francisco, Fundamentals of Construction Management

Jun 2017 - Dec 2017

UC Berkeley Extension, Principles of sustainability

Mar 2017 - Sep 2017

CEUNSP, BArch, Architecture and Urban Planning

Jan 2011 - Dec 2015

Areas of Specialization