Nyander W

Nyander W

Brooklyn, NY, US



My hunger for design started in my early childhood in the Caribbean. I remember visiting my grandfather in Grenada, who is a construction foreman and being bombarded with floor plans and design work to ponder. The time I spent with him reviewing these various projects proved fruitful to me, for it sparked a keen interest in architecture. My I was fascinated with how the transformation of an initial drawing can be manifest- ed to the construction of a building but little did I know how this all works in the bigger scheme of life. Now after garnering the wealth of knowledge from my academia career and job my interest has shifted to how I can better influence the built environment in towns and cities around the world, through real estate development or creating and running a success business in a major city.


Roberta Washington Architects, P.C., entry level

Junior Architect___Roberta Washington PC, New York, NY____ 2/2013- Part time
-Worked with principal to redesign residential addi-tion, prepared filing set for DOB.
-Assisted principal with drafting existing conditions and design of multifamily dwelling, apartment layout for the DOB.
-Worked closely with principal on layout and design of midrise office buildings, specifically the 2nd floor layout and basement storage space.
RESIDENTIAL: 206 West 180 Street, NY RESIDENTIAL:145 West 132 Street, NY COMMERCIAL: 68 East 131 Street, NY

Jan 2011 - current

GKV Architects, New York, NY, US, Junior Architect

Junior Architect___ Gerner, Kronick and Valcarcel (GKV) Architects DPC, New York, NY____ 2/14/2014 - Present
- Worked closely with project architect from draft window schedule to light and air calculations. Each for several
phases of filing to DOB , BSA, LPC etc. Worked on graphic presentation for community boards and Landmarks Council on adaptive reuse project, converted from civic space to midrise residential.
- Worked with Principal to design presentation style drawings such as plans, sections, elevations for a civic space in a historic midrise residential development in the City.
RESIDENTIAL: 361 Central Park West

Feb 2014 - Aug 2015


City College of New York (CCNY), New York, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

I am a graduate of Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at City College of New York with Bachelors in Architecture. I am flexible in that I feel comfortable working in any area of the field and I believe where I am placed I will always produce my best. I am proficient in Auto CAD 2008 to present, Adobe programs such as Illustration, Photo- shop and Indesign which I used all of my school career and post career. Only recently on my job, I started to use Vector works, which showed my ability to adapt to whatever challeneges. As for 3D rendering, I have worked with modeling programs such as, Rhino, 3Ds Max as well as Revit. I have a lot of respect and experience for hand drawn render- ings and I believe they are a quick way to produce rendering as alternative, when tech- nology fails. Although the process of earning my degree has been challenging and tested my strength and endurance to keep on with my goals, I strongly believe the inten- sive classes, specific to engineering and the technical know how of construction were all exercises that enhanced my understanding of architecture and instilled proactive design practices in me. My extra classes in arts also played a significant role in education and helped me to develop a keen eye for the design of space. My work opportunity thus far enabled me to work on resdiential, commerical and civic spaces. One project in particu- lar dealt with the preservation of a building for adaptive reuse, from civic use to residential. I worked closely with the project architect to develop comprehensive filing packages consisting of light and air calculation, window schedule, analytical drawings to better the chances of approval etc. With this I look forward to learn more.

Sep 2005 - May 2011

Areas of Specialization