Nurhan Gokturk

Nurhan Gokturk

New Orleans, LA, US


"Bio-City" Drawing

Ink and Watercolor on 100% cotton Rag.

Rather than using computer code to mimic growth in nature, the hand and the mind draw and act as the iterative urban vehicle  for morphological patterning. In many cases, they are as good as computational versions because they are the source which algorithms can be derived from. In time, the mapping installation may illustrate patterns yet unobserved in typical digital models. It is this emergent and unfettered map of population we wish to make into spectacle. By using the hand and the mind as the basis of material processes, we expect to narrow the gap between idealized mathematical interpretations and observable events in nature.

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Status: Unbuilt
Additional Credits: Nurhan Gokturk, Mitchell Joachim, Terreform ONE