Stockholm, SE


Stortorget Apartments

This housing project redefines Katrineholm’s historical main square, Stortorget, with a slender, layered building mass. Its façade is designed as a multistory loggia that facilitates transitions between the vast public space and each private living unit. The framework of the loggia creates narrow sheltered outdoor spaces along each unit. In addition, it acts as a giant armature for hanging “amphorae” – sculptural balconies that dramatically extend the private realm out from the façade and into the square. Each amphora is to be manufactured as a thin fiber reinforced composite shell, lending it a smooth, pearlescent materiality that contrasts against textured the pre-cast concrete framework behind it. The scale of the playfully positioned amphorae puts them in dialogue with furniture and market stands in front of the building, so that the façade becomes a vertical extension of the urban space.

Team: Daniel Norell, Einar Rodhe, Axel Wolgers, Elinor Entell

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Katrineholm, SE