Vilnius, LT


Water knowledge path

In order to excite curiosity, we tried to find an unusual system that not only tells theconsistent one by one the stands, but also allow visitors to participate in the process. "Water knowledge" path will not be a closed territory, citizens ant city visitors can go there any time. Direct access to "Kalupis" stream allows one to enjoy the view and feel the watter. In order to attract traffic to the path, turn it into daily-used, it is connected with the urban structure of the town. The path is divided into zones by the topic about water. Each topic is described by the artistic-sculptural-technical composition or the sculpture. For each of these objects platforms, benches for resting and knowledge are taught. Information in outdoor stands is very narrow, mor grapghical- children are not attracted to large amounts of text. All elements of path are in the regional characteristic of substance. The diference in height on the path is resolved by ramps. All existing area can be divided into three parts, which breaks down the valley: natural wooded area north east of the site, pond and meadow in the southeast. These three design solutions are considered as a basis to install paths and develop new features. The current situation is considered a natural area an advantage. The design of dual-channel group frames "Kalupis" valley. For path connections enclosed spaces are created for different functions or groups.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Vieksniai, LT