Nik Vandewyngaerde

Nik Vandewyngaerde

Basel, CH


Thinking outside the blocks, El Poblenou

El Poblenou used to be one of the most productive and economic hotspots of Barcelona, but over the last 50 years it has undergone a lot deterioration. Recently gentri cation has taken over the area. The challenge of our strategy shapes the resistance against these pro t based tendencies. We tried to do this by focusing on local small-scale development, circular experiments and reclaiming the historic identity of an urban tissue. Poblenou contains a disobedient anomaly in the Cerda-grid that survived through time. This tilted gure is the supporting backbone of our urban strategy. We aim to highlight the historic tilted grid as an expression of the historic city and the local inhabitants. The resilience of this tissue deserves a chance to survive and to be a surplus for the whole neighborhood. The new Superilles-plan (merging of multilple Cerda-grid blocks) can serve as a catalyst to unlock the potential energy of this strati cation, and to make it resistant to external tendencies like 22@. This can be ful lled at two levels. Creating statements by doing the exact opposite of Cerda by superimposing the tilted grid back on the Cerda-grid in strategic places. Besides that, interventions should be designed to de ne the new vacant space, that emerges by shifting mobility to big axes. In this way the historic tissue becomes more armed, more resistant and impossible to neglect in the future. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
Additional Credits: Emiel Swinnen, Jaron Vanooteghem & Joachim Mertens