Nikolaos Georgopoulos

Nikolaos Georgopoulos

Athens, GR



“For 19 years I have been founder member of ‘‘GEORGOPOULOS-TSELIOU’’ architectural design office in Athens and I have been working on designing and supervising private building projects, especially on housing buildings (residences, apartment buildings, housing complexes) tourism and leisure projects (hotels, vacation houses, swimming pools) and on interior design and landscape projects. I have also designed smaller scale projects, such as exhibition stands and furniture.
Over the last decade, the office has been introduced in real-estate-construction field, as a property developer, by self-financing the construction and selling of apartment buildings in Athens.
Along with private projects, I have taken part in architectural competitions (for public spaces and buildings) and have participated in study groups for public works (three Olympic Stadiums for the Olympics 2004 in Athens)”.


NIKOLAOS GEORGOPOULOS business establishment, Athens, GR, Constructor

Director and Project Manager, responsible for constructing apartment buildings in Athens.

Jan 2000 - current

‘‘GEORGOPOULOS-TSELIOU’’ architectural design office, Athens, GR, Founder Member - Architect

Director and Project Manager, responsible for designing in office and supervising in construction sites.

Sep 1993 - current

POTIROPOULOS D+L, Architects architectural design office, Athens, GR, Architect

Member of designing team for public works (Olympic Stadiums for the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens).

Jan 2001 - Jul 2001

“MENTOR” & “REALTY S.A.”, Real Estate Firms, Athens, GR, Valuer - Surveying Architect

Valuer on land properties, apartments and houses for banks’ loans purposes.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2000


National Technical University of Athens, Athens, GR, Masters, Postgraduate Degree of Specialisation- National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Course of NTUA in the field of "Architecture-Design", Direction II in Urban and Regional Planning

Oct 1998 - Oct 2000

National Technical University of Athens, Athens, GR, Masters, School of Architecture NTUA

Sep 1989 - Mar 1993

Areas of Specialization