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By nicole-hollis
Sep 19, '19 2:33 PM EST

Design, embraced as a personal philosophy, provides for a considered way of living. Imbuing beauty, grace and joy in the ordinary, a design-centric point-of-view can connect seemingly disparate aspects of the everyday. From the decoration of our homes and our appreciation for furnishings, art and books, to our choices in fashion, entertaining and travel … design has the power to realize a more integrated, elevated life experience.

The Pacific Design Center (PDC) delves into all aspects of that power with INSPIRED STYLE: How Design Influences a Well-Lived Life at its Fall Market 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM on Thursday, September 26. The inspiring line-up will feature today’s celebrated tastemakers sharing how leading their lives and careers by a well-lived life creed, in an age of ever-diminishing refinement, enhances personal and professional success for both themselves and their clients. A-listers will reveal their inspiring journeys—where design and a joie de vivre spirit intersect both work and play. And while at Market, experience nearly 100 new line introductions, open houses, receptions and showroom programs, plus seven book signing.