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Kiel canopy

The shelter is an urbanistic construction providing a landmark for a commercial plaza in Antwerp. Steel columns with a specifically assembled section, support a structural grid at a height of 12 m. The grid (92 by 13 m) is composed by continuous steel strips (6 mm by 250 mm) and its form in plan has been adjusted to follow the distribution of the forces. The structural principle of the large canopy has also been used in several smaller constructions, providing glazed (bus) shelters.

Specific features

Structural optimisation of the grid geometry by a variation in the grid density instead of in the grid height. Assembled columns with double crescent shape. Bolted structural connections between the different steel strips of the grid.

Engineering design : 2004
Construction : 2005
Architect : B-architecten
Client : Stad Antwerpen
Site : B-Kiel (Antwerp)
Dimensions : 93 m, 1202 m2
Total budget : 1000000 Euros Vat Excl.

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Status: Built
Location: Antwerpen, BE
Firm Role: complete conception and structural study for a non-glazed canopy.
Additional Credits: B-architecten