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Editor's Picks #339

Advert for Fleming's 2013 Spokane 1974 World's Fair, Philadelphia 1876 World's Fair, stadium design by Zaha Hadid was part of Tokyo’s winning bid for the 2020 Olympics Downtown towers, 29th floor, Toronto, ON © Sam Javanrouh via AIA via AIA White Arkitekter- ”Small Means and Great Ends” concept the megapolis transformation via Bilyana Docheva Design Collaboration exhibited in M13D Gallery opening in Honolulu, Hawaii via Ibrahim Rajah via Arid Lands Institute Fortex Shade via JNBouchard. via Ampdesign Vault House, a 2013 project by Johnston Marklee in Oxnard, California 'Leaflite' or maybe it was 'Leaflight' via Aesthete

Spokane 1974 World's Fair,

Spokane 1974 World's Fair, "Celebrating Tomorrow's Fresh New Environment," United States Pavilion, 2007 © JADE DOSKOW