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Editor's Picks #324

Chinatown House in Rancho Cucamonga via Christopher Sison Pan Am WorldPort via DMITRI KESSEL:TIME LIFE PICTURES:GETTY IMAGES The distinctive 'flying saucer' roof design of the Worldport via Wikimedia Commons Another rendering via Dibakar Roy. Breaking ground on 5 unit small lot townhouse via Jeffrey Eyster. the secret modernist metro in Mexico City (line 12) via Alec Perkins. Lawrence Scarpa. Image credited to firm, Brooks + Scarpa screenshot of Primate, the plugin that Mitch McEwen created to integrate Leap Motion with parametric design in Grasshopper DMZ of North and South Korea?? More specifically the JSA (Joint Security Area)? via BYK3 the official joint statement Free Cooper union opted to draft with the administration:trustees