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Editor's Picks #293

Folkwang Library (detail of facade) Photo- Stefan Müller. Folkwang Library (view of the reading room) Photo- Stefan Müller Villa Solaire in Pied de La Plagne, Morzine, France (Elevation North East facade) Villa Solaire in Pied de La Plagne, Morzine, France (interior) Photo- Julien Lanoo Oscar Niemeyer in the 1950s via WikiMedia Cathedral of Brasília, Brasília (interior) via WikiMedia A diagram of the elevations of the tree. Courtesy Visiondivision Once cut, the tree swings freely from the crane, and was then lowered onto a truck dolly for transport to the IMA. Courtesy Visiondivision Awesome Pivot Door - Designed by TWInc - Fabricated by Breaform Design via Tima Bell. Rozenburg (The Netherlands), the new office building was completed for Qualm, a contracting firm for earthwork, road- and waterworks. The building and interior are designed by Sputnik Architecture Urbanism photo by Ruben Dario Kleimeer. Gallery A- 7 a.m. entry for this semester's 2D Design crit by Farid Rakun. German architect duo Gabriela Seifert and Götz Stöckmann of Formalhaut(via http-::www.archicentral.com:living-room-gelnhausen-germany-formalhaut-5196:#more-5196) Kuokkala Church by Lassila Hirvilammi via Mark Vanden Akker.