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Editor's Picks #289

A 17-foot-long dining table (shown in redwood) is supported by a complex base formed from a twisting single line—a common theme in Pitt’s designs Photo- Ellen McDermott A double-spiral side table finished in 24K gold. Photo courtesy of Pollaro Custom Furniture David and Gladys Wright house Marcos Zotes _ UNSTABLE in Detroit, for DLECTRICITY EyeTime 2012 competition finalists Azzez Bakare- Archperience EyeTime 2012 competition finalists Han Ma- Chongqing Memory Air~chitecture by Ibrahim Rajah Socialopolis by ArtMeadow Team Andalucia's Patio 2.12 House Y House by SousaSantos Y House by SousaSantos (interior) a stone curtain wall system used in the Israeli Foreign Ministry via Apurimac