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Editor's Picks #270

Former Zentralsparkassenfiliale Favoritenstrasse in Vienna, District Favoriten. The Building designed by Günther Domenig via WikiMedia Günther Domenig (1934-2012) Steinhaus (Stone-house) designed by Günter Domenig. Robert A.M. Stern Robert A. M. Stern stands on the concierge desk at 15 Central Park West by Todd Eberle (for Vanity Fair) Exploded axo (Image- LAVA) Master plan (Image- LAVA) References (Image- LAVA) yly Theater, Dallas Arts District via Larry Speck Food truck, Dallas Arts District via Larry Speck. Infographic- A History of Public Interest Design a more technical set this time via Chad Wulleman arid rakun fixer for UofM TCAUP Dept. of Arch., Division of Landscape Arch. HKU, Arch. Dept. UI, and ruangrupa, summer studio in Jakarta & Bangkok with INUNDATION as big theme Patarei Sea Fortress and Prison (interior door) via Jennifer Wong Tallinn's Margaret Wall via Jennifer Wong Sir Peter Cook lecture photo by Ayax Abreu