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Editor's Picks #505

Jeanne Gang (CC BY 2.0) by Columbia GSAPP and Ronald Yeung Victoria Heilman, Emma Miloyo, Devothe Mukeshimana, Assumpta Nnaggenda-Musana, Maliam Mdoko. Illustrations by Dev Aswala Bocconi University, Milan, Italy designed by Grafton Architects photo © Paolo Tonato Medical School, Limerick University, Ireland © Grafton Grafton Architects team © Grafton original Oakland Coliseum designed by SOM via thisisnotmyname The library's fiction collections are organized along a set of tiered levels that can only be accessed via staircase. Photo © Steven Holl Architects Sept ABI via AIA Ayla Golf Academy & Clubhouse in Aqaba, Jordan by Oppenheim Architecture; Photo by Rory Gardiner Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction of East China Normal University in Shanghai, China by Lacime Architects; Photo by Zhang Qianxi, Xu Zhe Charles Jencks's 'The Century is Over, Evolutionary Tree of Twentieth-Century Architecture' diagram. Image courtesy of Charles Jencks via Silvia Neri Saint Helens Alternative High School, Soderstrom Architects, 2018 via Emily Estes Santiam Canyon 2019 Bond Proposal - Junior & Senior HS, Soderstrom Architects, 2019 via Emily Estes Omniscopic via Erin Cuevas Omniscopic via Erin Cuevas #NETHERLANDSplanBAC via Dean Cascieri LADBS via Jimmy-Ann T. / Yelp A letter from Minnette to Corbusier. At times, Pinto’s depiction of Minnette pining for Corbusier’s letters begins to feel saccharine. COURTESY LE CORBUSIER FOUNDATION F.L.C ADAGP, PARIS, 2019 model for house designed for the artists, Segar (Probably the last house architectured by Minnette. Model done by Minnette's assistant Ms Pasqual) via Rajasegar Wikimedia