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Editor's Picks #442

Keio workshop. Courtesy of Bill Galloway Testing concrete mixes at the Keio workshop. Courtesy of Bill Galloway From Pamphlet 35, 'Going Live'. Image courtesy of Princeton Architectural Press Goldstein House by modernist architect John Lautner, in Beverly Hills, California. Image taken from rear terrace edge looking towards living room (photo by Arch.james) via midlander the 'formerly penis-shaped' People's Daily building Kevin Robishaw, Detroit, MI. Wedding Party, Michigan Central Station, 2013 Geoff George, Detroit, MI. Troubled Assets, 2012-2015 Seed'er Box in Bloomfield Hills, MI in transit to Denver, CO by Jodie Cooper; Photo- PD Rearick Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Schiphol, the Netherlands by Mecanoo Introducing Children to Design Part 2 via Ibrahim Rajah via Stephen Rafferty Jr drawing for the National Library of France by Bernard Tschumi diagram by Elnaz Rafati and me depicting program arranged in a circular health gradient SARUP Rapid Prototyping Lab via Kathy Quirk via Meredith Garda via Parker Ammann the 46-storey Regalia reaches a total height of 488 feet (nearly 150 meters) image by ken hayden