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Editor's Picks #440

UC Innovation Center – Anacleto Angelini, 2014, San Joaquín Campus, Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile. Photo: Nina Vidic Image courtesy of Samira Boon Alejandro Aravena. Photo by Cristobal Palma - Courtesy of Elemental Villa Verde House, 2004, Iquique, Chile - Courtesy of Elemental 'Nepal House Project' by Shigeru Ban Architects 'Nepal House Project' by Shigeru Ban Architects Frank Lloyd Wright's Sturges Residence, designed 1939. (Grant Mudford) Frank Lloyd Wright's Sturges House (1939) in Los Angeles, California via Bobak Ha'Eri Surreal quality ... Centre Village, right, with Winnipeg’s more typical wood-framed gabled houses, left - Photograph In Contex Gareth Hoskins Architects Ltd. (Gareth Hoskins in center with glasses) ©Gillian Hayes, Dapple Photography Gareth Hoskins, architect - Photo Andrew O'Brien Sketch of - a kind of triangulation between the turn-of-the-millennium nightlife zone of South Beach, the luxury cul de sacs of North Beach / Bel Harbor, and the warehouse flexibility of the Design District via Mitch McEwen Marine Research Center- Exploded Structure via Maite Fernandez Aishti | Mall & Foundation| Beirut | Lebanon via Karolina Wierzbinska Urban Barn in Paris, France by ATELIER ZÜNDEL CRISTEA - Photo by Sergio Grazia Stepped Courtyards in Fuzhou, China by OPEN Architecture