NEON Architecture

NEON Architecture

Indianapolis, IN


NEON House

NEON House is the first project for NEON Architecture. This house represents the ultimate use of a tiny site. A 1050 square foot house on a 1600 square foot lot, Hosbrook shows that small sites don’t mean small spaces. Hosbrook is an example of efficiency, compactness, and re-imagining the narrow lot through modern means.

Instead of rejecting the narrowness of the lot, Hosbrook takes advantage of this and is organized along its length, embracing the given condition. The house is organized around the West wall, containing all of the home’s built-ins. This includes the kitchen, entertainment center, desk space, mudroom storage, window seat, open shelving, linen storage, and the wardrobe closet. Hosbrook demonstrates that restrictions can, in fact, allow for re-thinking the urban home and demonstrates a unique solution to a unique site.

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Status: Built
Location: Indianapolis, IN, US