Ayebanengiyefa Wabote

Ayebanengiyefa Wabote

Syracuse, NY, US


Broad Channel Marshland Nursery

With a site located on broad channel in Jamaica Bay NY, the apparent issue of daily tidal rise and falls, as well as storm surges are problems inhabitants of the island have to combat. Sufficient evidence between the loss of marshlands surrounding the island and tidal water level rise has resulted in the creation of a nursery to grow and provide marsh plants that can be transplanted onto dying marshes in Jamaica Bay. By planting more marshes, the impact that a flood will have on broad channel can be greatly reduced. A series of water testing models were created to study the interaction between water and form, alongside the underlying pattern and organisation of the surrounding context, ultimately creating an area for cultivating, researching, and providing education on marshland plants.

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Status: School Project
Location: Broad Channel, NY, US
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Yundi Zhang