Moscow, RU


Nefaresearch studio inside an 19th century Moscow fabric

Nefaresearch studio is built inside an old 19th century fabric in Flacon Design Factory in the heart of Moscow. What is unusual, is that we decided to build the office vertically, creating a multi-tiered workspace.
Architectural studio Nefa Research was set up more than a decade ago and works on projects ranging from offices to houses to airports. Two years ago, now 16 strong, we decided to design our own place of work.

Two key criteria for the space were that it had to have a high ceiling and large windows. We need the air and the space for our ideas to work. The search for a building that was light and open led them to an old factory workshop previously used for the production of glassware, in particular perfume bottles.

The decision was made to divide and break up the factory floor into separate work areas and functions, not through traditional walls or partitions, but by introducing a series of different levels. The outcome is a three-tiered workspace that uses every inch, right up into the rafters. It's a very ergonomic environment that allows us to work as a well-organised team. At the same time as feeling part of the whole, each person has their own space in which to realise their individuality.

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Status: Built
Location: Moscow, Russia
My Role: Architect