Nicholas Baker III

Nicholas Baker III

Miami Beach, FL, US


Atlanta Loft

The program called for a complete renovation and conversion of a commercial space into a living loft space in midtown Atlanta. With a limited budget, the concept was to remove and eliminate all finishes that were intended to hide or conceal the original and structural elements of the old existing commercial building.

The drywall drop ceiling was removed to spatially elevate and expose the exisiting steel floor joists. Furthermore, the ductwork, pipes and conduits were also revealed allowing the space to be expressed in its raw constructed state. Great effort was spent to strip the existing concrete floor to allow the true character to express itself; the result was a deep coca-cola colored concrete floor that was sealed with bowling alley wax giving the floor a warm and soft feel to the touch and to the eye. All closet, cabinets and bathroom doors were removed to allow the space to have the authenticity of a paired down open minimalist space in the same spirit of the artist lofts that inspired this modern urban dwelling typology. The main feature of this loft space is the exposed red brick exterior wall that the entire commercial space was constructed with. The rough brick texture along with the large commercial southern facing windows, brings incredible natural light deep into the loft space.

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Status: Built
Location: Atlanta, GA, US
My Role: Designer, General Contractor,