Nathan Moore

Nathan Moore

Los Angeles, CA, US


Eko Atlantic

EKO Atlantic Marina is a large mixed-use development that revolves around a deep-water marina with direct connection to the Atlantic Ocean. The Marina occupies a peninsula of land that protrudes out into the ocean, offering waterfront views in multiple directions. The parcel contained in the first phase of development is primarily residential units. Residents can enjoy a luxurious, active lifestyle with a direct connection to the sea.
We began the design process with the idea of creating a community with a strong sense of place and providing luxury living that exceed the quality of existing market offerings. The adjacent deep water of the Marina is a strong amenity and influenced many of the design decisions. The Marina esplanade will be a curated, luxurious public realm with many fine shops and restaurants. The homes within the project will feel a strong connection to this newly-created destination and share the spirit of the place.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
My Role: Designer - Core and Shell
Additional Credits: Gensler