Nathan Lutz

Nathan Lutz

West Chester, PA, US



Film is a captured performance, an experience prepared to be self-sufficient within the envelope of a theater. This altered relationship between audience and performer can leave many theaters to be relatively sterile places, with images wholly disconnected from their sources. The opportunities offered by the program for this Cinematek, however, allow for a reconnection of the production with the viewing, using the formal device of a membrane which directs the circulation of the audience through to the theaters and down into the offices, educations spaces, and other production-oriented program spaces located below. Tilting the ground plane of the main circulation corridor into a large ramp opens the facade to illuminate the lower levels and permits street views down into the learning and work spaces below, offering audience members the chance to better understand the experience which they are entering. On the audience side of the membrane, finished white surfaces hide the structural underpinnings of spaces, while the production side exposes the structural frame to correspond with the difference of function.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US