Natalie Hein

Natalie Hein

New York, NY, US


#DesignDisrupted VIP Lounge

The #DesignDisrupted VIP Lounge was designed as a hideaway in which celebrities, designers and fashion editors could relax and mingle in between runway shows during New York Fashion Week, Fall ’15.  The dynamic, immersive installation was inspired by natural phenomena such as rock formations and undulating sound waves. Installed at MILK Studios for the duration of MADE Fashion Week, the digitally-fabricated installation appears to grow through the walls of the lounge, breaking the white box it is confined in –an aesthetic design well-suited to Lexus’ hashtag for the space, #DesignDisrupted. 

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Freelance Architect, Lead Designer, Project Manager
Additional Credits: Design Collaboration (subcontracted by): Joel Fitzpatrick Studio
Fabrication and Installation: The Factory NYC

Rendering of custom benches
Rendering of custom benches