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Narofsky Architecture

Long Island City, NY


A Tailor's House

Be·spoke,  biˈspōk  “Made to order” was the driving force in a collaboration that resulted in a personally defined dwelling for a prominent tailor who enjoys entertaining and gardening.  The client desired an environmentally sustainable house, married to its landscape, which included an 3.75 acre mini arboretum embedded with abstract concrete sculptures and paths.

We responded to program and site by designing a “J” shaped plan surrounding a central garden and future pool. The house rises from the site in a series of volumes that remain a single room in width, allowing for abundant natural light. This upward spiral of spaces evolves from public spaces (kitchen, dining, living) towards private (children's and master suites and a third floor study).  Multiple outdoor rooms and balconies take advantage of natural views.

The home’s concrete structure, frame, floors, significant walls, and roofs minimize component assemblies and create a timeless, maintenance-free environment. Geothermal heating and cooling, superior insulation, sun control, and green roofs contribute to energy performance. We also achieved sustainability in design through the performance, maintenance, and longevity of reclaimed and recycled materials.  Resiliency became the key turned by nature’s intervention when Hurricane Irene felled Black Locust trees on the site. We incorporated the wood in the exterior façade, shower benches and floors, a vanity and other water resistant applications. Wood from pin oaks from the site is used for flooring, rail caps, bookcases, and mantels.  Wood from buried trees was saved during excavation for a custom-designed dining table and other cabinetry.  A green label wood panel system clads interior walls to avoid painting, which was the client’s request. These panels are mounted with exposed facets to oak frames that become the connector to the concrete walls, floors, ceilings, and door jambs.

The home has become a canvas for the client’s continued landscape projects, planting trellis vines, and roof top vegetable gardens. For the client,  “the house fits our family perfectly like a Greenfield Clothier custom made suit.”

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Status: Built
Location: Old Westbury, NY, US