Namoode Khokher

Namoode Khokher

Chicago, IL, US

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Graduated in Architecture from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Interested in Architectural design and space, Motivated learner willing to experience new things, and always trying to improve and deliver the best solution. Great enthusiast for collaborative work environments, fervently investigating new technologies and progressive approach towards architecture. Being a mother and studying full time was extremely challenging, and proud to express that have learned incredible things along the way, especially time-management and organizational skills while working on school deadlines and taking care of my daughter at the same time. Growing up in a different country and having a diverse cultural and educational experience provide me with an additional strength and make me a valuable asset in offering unique perspective.


Project Associate 2018 - Current

ATG – a JLL company (Chicago Region)

As a Project Associate, worked on health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, offices, etc. across the USA. The work deals with creating and updating the floor plans for these facilities and generating data for the space utilization within these buildings. The work has provided a deep understanding of architecture and design of large-scale buildings and understanding of spatial distribution among important functions in a health care facility.


Gift For Health Guatemala                                                                                        March 21-28, 2015

Humanity First USA - Non-profit Organization

Humanity First's medical programs are designed to improve the health and medical services in some of the world's most underserved communities and the one week Gift of Health trip allows volunteers, like me, the opportunity to help rural communities of Guatemala while providing free health care services, education, and medicines under the supervision of professional doctors and nurses. During the week of volunteering, we had helped pregnant women by educating them about the proper health issues while pregnant and in general. Also we provided them with free health check-ups under by helping alongside the registered nurses.

Regional President                                                                                           2015-Present

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Non-profit Organization, Chicago, IL

Currently, I am serving as regional president of a women auxiliary for IL/Iowa region that is part of a national non-profit organization. Where the role requires efficient problem solving skills as a leader, and arranging fundraising and character building events. The job requires effective communication and working relations with the members of the community.


The Chandigarh Project

Discussed about Le Corbusier’s philosophy of a functional city by examining the projects he designed in the city of Chandigarh, India.

The Lost Civilization of Giza – Rejecting the common miss-conceptions

The paper deals with the miss-conceptions about the famous Pyramids of Giza with respect to their remarkable architecture.

6Ds of Architecture – Architecture from Linear to Exponential

Inspired by the Peter H Diamandis’ 6Ds of Exponential, analyzed architecture in a similar paradigm of progressiveness and great evolution.

Evolution of Domes Structure – From Vernacular Traditions to Contemporary Architecture.

Discussed the beginning of the dome structure and its impact on the architectural design throughout the history of the profession of Architecture.

Recent Trends of Day Lighting Design Strategies in Sustainable Architecture

Studied and analyzed the recent trends in the day lighting design strategies especially in sustainable architecture, using the awarded projects recognized by the AIA Committee on Environmental Design.


Social Analyst - An active analyst of contemporary social issues through articles and letters, several of them have already been published in my local and school newspapers.

Excited Traveler - Enthusiastic about travelling for leisure and volunteering, and fortunate enough to travel to many countries such as Guatemala, Peru, India, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Scotland, France, Canada, Portico, Costs Rica, almost all over Pakistan, and states like Alaska, Hawaii, etc.

Determined Sport - Sports like skiing, swimming, rafting and others depending on the weather, are a substantial part of my life style. For skiing I am an expert on Blues and Greens, and looking forward to master the Blacks next winter.

Ambitious Cook - Love to cook and always try new exciting recipes. 

Inspired Photographer - A keen eye for imageries, and an exceptional understanding of the relationship between light, shade and shadows, and always looking for exceptional views and interesting images.










St. Mary's School, Multan, Pakistan , Teacher

Responsible for teaching Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics to 8th and 10th grades. Designing and implementing well-received lessons and establishing a productive learning environment. This teaching opportunity offered me with a unique understanding of high management and organizational skills as well.

Sep 2003 - Mar 2004


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, US, MArch, Architecture

During my studies I have worked on numerous studio projects creating the schematic design solution to the final submission; demonstrated through technical drawings, 3D renderings, physical models, and verbal presentations, etc. Additionally, I have written multiple papers of variant capacities concerning with the subject of architecture and design. I am also an active analyst of current social issues and have published several articles/letters to my local and school newspapers. I have worked successfully both alone and in a group setting through fluent communication and problem solving. I am a great enthusiast for collaborative work environments, always looking for new technologies and progressive approach towards architecture.

Aug 2011 - Dec 2015

BAHAUDDIN ZAKARYA UNIVERSITY,MULTAN, Mutan, Pakistan , MArch, Materials Science

Graduated with Distinction. Worked in laboratory on actual metal samples studying their physical and mechanical properties.

Aug 2001 - Dec 2003

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