Nam Henderson

Nam Henderson

Denver, CO, US

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...Digging the recent WOTB: with Emily Hunt Turner

Oct 21 '16

...have said it before but, please don't fill up the stream with more than a few projects of your's at a time

Jul 2 '12

...the more work people show in work updates stream the less i pay attention to them... one or two images, not whole stream from a project, seems more appropriate for a public stream

Mar 3 '12

...merry christmas eve yall

Dec 24 '11

...Finally, an evening to myself and what am I doing? Writing....

Jul 5 '11

...digging Fred's op-ed

May 27 '11

...anyone else working right now?

Apr 30 '11

...having a very dirty martini in the spirit of the 3.0 launch party

Apr 29 '11

...i also want that hybrid archinect shirt in the new ad!

Apr 24 '11

.....digging the map feature on the 3.0 profile page and wondering if it is based off of IP address?

Apr 11 '11