Nadia Constantatos

Nadia Constantatos

New York, NY, US


Unschool, Copenhagen

Society shapes us through education, forcing us to conform to psychological areas that we cannot fully comprehend due to objectives towards misled societal degradation. Societal change starts with our children, but how can this change if history is repetitive? Can society be altered through the vulnerability to natural instinct - if we are forced to reflect on ourselves, and when our ways of thinking shifted - did they shift for the better? 

Children have imperative values that society forces them to change in order to adapt to changing times. Who constructed such values, why did they do so, and why do adults believe that they are superior to the mind of a child; one of which yet to be influenced that could benefit society should it not be reduced to societal norms? Should one look to the past such as the open air school movement, of which developed due a large tuberculosis presence, starting a revolution in the promotion of ideologies depicting the development of society through the body of the child - retaining political agendas of public image due to the child’s unhealthy removal from civic life. This ‘anti’ school, eliminates the aspect of portraying its’ desired users, providing these bodies the ability in spaces of their own intervention, void of the ‘developed’ infliction painted throughout our childhood growth. The spaces act as tools of guidance, void of pedestals inflicting personal ideologies, but rather encouraging interaction between individuals. Education in Denmark is free, so why not make these spaces freely accessible to all, and isolated to none. The ambiguity of space created through architectural forms provides for the child as curator, enabling the variety of personalities impartial to societal inflictions.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Copenhagen, DK
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Competitions Archi, Young Architects