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Melbourne School of Design

The Melbourne University project is the result of an international competition, organized in 2009. The focus of the competition, beyond housing the new facilities of the Melbourne University architecture department –and its related disciplines—was to rethink the entire challenge of architectural education to give priority to four themes: the ‘academic environment’, the ‘suspended studio’, the ‘living building’, and ‘built pedagogy’, all themes that cover certain urgencies of this time, while projecting forward various ambitions for the future.

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Status: Built
Location: Melbourne, AU
Additional Credits: Collaborating Architect: John Wardle Architects
Principals in Charge: John Wardle & Stefan Mee
Design Coordinator: Stefan Mee
Senior Associate: Meaghan Dwyer
Project Manager: Stephen Georgalas
Project Team: Bill Krotiris, Andy Wong, Jasmin Williamson, Adam Kolsrud, Alex Peck, Barry Hayes, Jeff Arnold, Amanda Moore, James Loder, Sharon Crabb, Yohan Abhayaratne, Rebecca Wilkie, Ben Sheridan, Giorgio Marfella, Kirrilly Wilson, Elisabetta Zanella, Adrian Bonaventura, Genevieve Griffiths, Michael Barraclough, Matthew Browne, Maria Bauer, Anja Grant

Collaborating Architect: NADAAA Inc.
Principal in Charge: Nader Tehrani
Project Manager: John Chow
Design Coordinator: Arthur Chang
Project Team: Katie Faulkner, AIA; Daniel Gallagher, AIA; James Juricevich, Parke MacDowell, Marta Guerra Pastrián, Tim Wong, Ryan Murphy, Rich Lee, Kevin Lee, Ellee Lee, Amin Tadj