Cvetan Nachev

Cvetan Nachev

Metuchen, NJ, US



Historically, bridges over the Arno, and the rivers of other European cities, included residential, commercial and religious activities as they continue the pedestrian street system across the urban waterways. The functional components of the project are similar to those of Ponte Vecchio with includes workshops, stores, art gallery, pedestrian crossings and overlooks. Unlike Ponte Vecchio, everything on display and sold at the Uffizi Graft Guild will be created and produced within its workshops, and be of the highest and artistic quality. The twin pedestrian crossings will also be a public place, part of the urban fabric, while providing access across and to the Arno, be a place to see the heart of the city, a place to be seen, to visit day and evening, winter and summer.

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Status: School Project
Location: Florence, Italy