Mustafa Bahce

Mustafa Bahce

New York, NY, US



The Dale Chihuly Foundation is returning glassmaking to the islands of Venice. The new Glassworks is part artist studios, glass factory, glass museum and theater and short-term residency for the artists and their families. It is to be located along the northern fundamenta of the city. which is currently a marina. As the last remaining piece of the city yet to be completed, and located at a major entry to the city from both the airport and islands to the north, the new Glassworks will also create a new public campo for the city, its adjoining neighborhoods connecting to adjacent restaurants, hotels, cultural spaces as well as the new Glassworks itself. The new Misericordia campo will be the first and only public square along the entire northern boundary of Venice, and as such will be an important point of arrival, visual destination and have symbolic importance for the historical city.

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Status: School Project
Location: Venice, IT