Jordan Clough

Jordan Clough

Washington, DC, US



Landscape architect, preparing for the licensing exam.

My interests are broad, and my experience varied. I find fulfillment in being an engaged designer, drawing from the context of a project, connecting site-scale issues to our globalized world, and revealing the unseen influences in each design solution.



Living Alchemy, Arlington, VA, US, Design Director

Lead Designer and Co-Founder of Living Alchemy - a design firm exploring the intersection of materials, biology, and art.

Jan 2016 - current

Town and Gardens Ltd., New York, NY, US, Project Designer

Project design, development, and implementation from start to finish. Responsibilites include client relations, design development, documentation and design production, budgeting, bids and proposals, materials procurement, project scheduling, construction oversight, and coordination between trades, craftsmen, architects, designers, and client.

Clients are exclusively in Manhattan, primarily high-end residential, with some new construction development and hotels. Specialties include rooftop gardens, terrace gardens, greenwalls, and courtyards.

Oct 2013 - current

LandDesign, Alexandria, VA, US, Designer

Member of various project teams on a range of projects including transit-oriented-development, urban design, community branding, amenity design, masterplanning, and CDP/FDIP sbumittals. Responsibilities include design, detailing, documentation, and production of submittals conforming to the requirements of review bodies and municipalities across the Mid-atlantic.

Nov 2012 - Oct 2013

AST Cowen Design Group, McLean, VA, US, Project Designer

Beginning as a part-time intern during the final years of my bachelor's degree, and transitioning into an integral member of a multidisciplinary team. Responsible for design and construction documentation of U.S. embassies and consulates around the globe. Particular focus on native and endemic plant selection for arid and tropical regions, compliance with strict with security requirements, and coordination with contractors and diplomatic staff.

Aug 2008 - Feb 2013


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA, US / Alexandria VA, Bachelors, Landscape Architecture

Studies included:
Summer study abroad - Western Europe, 2008. Visited prominent landscape architecture and urban design sites throughout Italy, Germany, Czech republic and The Netherlands.

A semester at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium (WAAC) in Alexandria, Virginia - studying with graduate level students.

Senior project - the Estuary District - examined historical hydrologic patterns in relation to industrial development in southwest Baltimore MD. Final design encompassed issues of urban blight, post-industrial development, soil and water toxicity, and restoring the ecotone gradient endemic to Chesapeake estuaries.

Aug 2006 - May 2010


2013 Rotary International Group Study Exchange - Western Australia, Grant

Group Study Exchange (GSE) program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for business people and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are in the early stages of their careers. The program provides travel grants for teams to exchange visits in paired areas of different countries. For four to six weeks, team members experience the host country's culture and institutions, observe how their vocations are practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.

Studied and worked with landscape architects across southwest Australia and the greater Perth metropolitan area. Engaged allied professions and local experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of the profession in southwest Australia, and the unique local and regional challenges and environmental constraints.


Areas of Specialization