Matan Blechman

Matan Blechman

New York, NY, US

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It takes years, dedication and hard work to build a reputation and only a matter of seconds to ruin one. I aim to keep this philosophy in mind and attribute it to how I conduct myself. As an ambitious designer, I focused on building my own degree through the BDIC (Bachelor's Degree in Individual Concentration) program on top of following the Architectural department's coursework. With a strong artistic background and an opportunist mindset, I plan to contribute innovative ideas, and grow as a designer at every chance I take.


University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, MA, US, BArch, Architecture and Design

My studies included course work from the Architecture program and a secondary degree in Sustainable Strategies and Construction which I designed and created. A combination of design studios, architectural design practices, building construction technology courses, and sustainable community development routes were mixed together to accumulate as much practical knowledge as I could from my college career. The degree program I built was successful in it's goal to advance my practical skillset to better apply myself in the architectural work force.

Sep 2016 - May 2019

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