Mouaz Abouzaid

Mouaz Abouzaid

Dubai, AE



How It All Began...
The Foundation
In 1972, a male and female student joined the faculty of fine arts, in two different departments; one architecture and the other graphic. Soon after a love story ensued between the couple and immediately after their graduation in 1977 they got married. These sets of genes were combined to form a human being with deeply inherited passion for both Architecture and graphic. This human being is me, their first born son who chose to follow their path and attend the same university
of fine arts in 1998.

As long as I remember and ever since childhood I always preferred to draw architectural perspectives and historical places as opposed to cars and military combats scenes that were very popular among my classmates. It was clear to my parents back then that I was ‘different’ to the majority, something that I also sensed but was not entirely happy with. During highschool I began to learn about various architectural softwares such as AutoCAD, partly out of an ever growing eagerness to explore new things related to architecture and also to support my father in his work.

As long as I remember and ever since childhood I always preferred to draw architectural perspectives and historical places. something that I also sensed during high-school I began to learn about various architectural softwares such as Auto-CAD, partly out of an ever growing eagerness to explore new
things related to architecture and also to support my father in his work.
My father had a marble and granite factory as well as his role as a contractor so it was a natural step for me to start work their during school breaks to gain experience and nurture a passion that was fully recognised by my parents. The role I was assigned comprised of preparing shopdrawings and
making sure everything at the factory ran smoothly and adequately. As I entered university to begin my degree I opted to carry on working not only with my father but uncle too, who is also an architect. I firmly believe education alone without practical experience amounts to little. It was then that I designed my first ever project; Sofitel 4 VIP villas in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Despite the low scale nature of the project in comparison to what I got to work on later, but it will always

hold a special place in my memory. Upon graduation I worked for a year in Egypt, then decided
that travelling is the best choice that will satisfy my hunger and ambition to further myself in the field of architecture. And So I first moved to Qatar, then headed to Dubai, UAE, where I have chosen to stay.

Constructing the future...
I have always sought new challenges in life in order to learn, explore and expand my knowledge of Architecture. Initially, I started working in local companies where I got my first taste of large projects before I gained my big break and was appointed a position in an international consultancy.
Through joining the staff of Burthill; an international practice known for its large-scale projects. I began to discover a new world of architecture; one I have been dreaming about.
The reason as to why I was selected by Burthill was largely due to my portfolio and experience working in Highrise towers.
Working under the wing of Ivar Karasaniski on Tatweer iconic towers was a great experience that played a pivotal part in changing my vision and direction in architecture.
In parallel to architecture, I was also building upon my knowledge and learning more about Revit & BIM, and I started to define a process using BIM techniques starting from the concept design. My next step was being given the role of design leader at signature for 3 years and a half - it was a great experience as I thoroughly enjoyed leading the design team and teaching them BIM techniques.
The final port of my work journey is at GAJ, I have now been working within the company for almost 2 years now, getting involved in many projects and developing my career further.



Dewan Architects and Engineers, Dubai, AE, BIM Manager

Jun 2015 - current

Godwin Austen Johnson, Dubai, AE, Senior Architect

Nov 2012 - Apr 2015
Mar 2007 - Aug 2009

Dimensions, Dubai, AE, Junior Architect

Mar 2006 - Mar 2007


Middle East Architect Award 2014 | Young Architect of the year, 2nd Place

With more than 240 nominations for this year’s compeition
the event is set to be the biggest ever
The Jury Said “Highly commended for this category were
Gaurav Malhotra of RMJM and Mouaz Abouzaid of Godwin
Austen Johnson. The judges said both showed huge promise
and had kept true to their own ideas.“