Tokyo, JP


F/W restaurant

The menu offers meat dishes cooked using a dynamic flame paired with select wines with character. Deliverables included a space that would embody and convey this appetizing experience. 

We sought to fill the entire space with the energy resonating from the intensity of the flame and diverse colors of the wine. 

The ceiling plane reveals a multilayered body of flame energy by combining red latticework conveying the intensity of the steeply spiraling flame as well as red plates coated with a special finish representing the strong flickering of the flame.
For the floor, our idea was to color it as though we were combining the colors of the flame and wines. Thus, we created a floor with a glossy transparent resin colored in a gradation of red, orange, yellow, and purple.

The color of the ceiling and floor resonate with each other, and the specially produced exclusive dining ware gives the space a beautiful glimmer. 
The overall mutually reflective view produces intricate and constantly evolving expressions depending on the position and angle of the diners’ line of sight. 

Through the lattice and plate ensemble’s lively energy, we were able to create a myriad of expressions and realize a spatial experience infused within the deep colors of the flame and wines.

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Status: Built
Location: Kanagawa Japan
Firm Role: Design
Additional Credits: Design Firm: MORIYUKI OCHIAI ARCHITECTS
Design Member : Moriyuki Ochiai, Xingguang Li, Jillian Lei,Haruka Amano
Special dining ware design: Moriyuki Ochiai
Use: Restaurant
Location: Kanagawa Japan

Constructor: Seiko Service / Aslego
Special dining ware production: Nanzan Ito
Special paint : OsamuYamaguchi

Photographs: Fumio Araki