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Justin Ackerman

Culver City, CA, US

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I hope this finds you well! Design is and has been such an important part of my life – I’ve always been fascinated by it and have been curious to explore all realms. I have a bachelors in landscape architecture and I worked as a landscape architect in Denver for two years before moving to the Bay Area to get my masters in architecture. Over the last decade I've worked in architecture, landscape, interiors and real estate development and have been so fortunate to learn from some of the most talented people in their respective industries.

I currently am working in-house at Rivian and have been a part of the design department here since its inception. I’ve been a part of a huge variety of projects, I’ve helped develop programs and the design direction that the company has started to implement into their built space since I started. I worked on developing a new model for manufacturing; which included making people first and leaning into design to create a democratic experience for all employees, no matter their level, by inserting planting, natural woods and tactile materials that brought humanity to the space. More recently I’ve been a part of helping to develop the company’s approach to ‘retail’. As more of a branded experience, these spaces represent the ethos of Rivian and are more about the experience of the space and how it interfaces with the customer, the community and the environment. It has been a wonderful opportunity to flex my design and management skills in landscape, architecture and interiors.  

I've really enjoyed leading teams and working cross functionally with engineers, brand, real estate and construction to manage the execution of projects from site selection, due diligence, through construction and commissioning.



Assembly Design, San Francisco, CA, US, Senior Designer

Left my previous employer to start a fast paced, small, multi-disciplinary firm with my previous bosses. Worked on very large scale commercial interiors, coordinated very closely with architects/engineers/clients, worked on public art development and design, landscape projects and architectural competitions.

Mar 2016 - current

CCS Architecture and Interior Design, San Francisco, CA, US, Project Manager

Work on all aspects of project development. The firm is small, so its necessary to be versatile. Follow projects through from design to construction and have been responsible for restaurant/gallery projects to small hotel developments.

Dec 2017 - Jan 2019

Studio O+A, San Francisco, Designer

Worked on all aspects of projects from concept development to preparation of construction documents, permitting and construction administration.

Jan 2011 - Mar 2016

RO | ROCKETT DESIGN, Sausalito, CA, US, Designer

Worked an a small team on very high end residential projects. Worked to develop construction documents and coordinate with all consultants and clients. Worked with my boss to develop beautiful and integrated design solutions and details.

Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Rebar Design Group, San Francisco, CA, US, Associate Designer

Managed small projects from concept development to implementation. Very conceptually based and worked closely with clients, city and federal agencies to push projects to the next level. Projects were more design-build based. Iterative design practices were used to test different physical and social scenarios before installation.

Jun 2012 - Mar 2013

DHM Design, Denver, CO, US, Landscape Architect

Worked with a small design team as support staff. Was able to participate in design exercises. Developed construction documents and saw construction administration through for large commercial and residential developments and parks.

Jul 2005 - Aug 2007


Academy Of Art University, San Francisco, CA, US, MArch, MArch

Focused mostly on how to merge the landscape and the built environment. Found out that the merging of the two can create very interesting urban environments. My thesis study focused mostly on an urban design scheme for San Francisco. I categorized different unused and/or under-productive spaces in the city and came up with ways to repurpose the sites to improve local economies and cultures. Each space was meant to be branded and re-introduced into the urban fabric to become a system of productive and accessible space for all users.

Sep 2007 - Dec 2010

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, US, Bachelors, Landscape Architect

The program was small, which allowed us to gain great relationships with the faculty. They were easily approachable and able to nurture our individual goals. I chose to focus more on urban and social design. Interested in ways that the environment could influence how people interact with each other within built space.

Sep 2000 - Jul 2005


IIDA Best of Year, 1st Place


Gold Nugget Merit Award, Award

Awarded for a design build that I participated in in graduate school. The concept was to develop a customizable backyard pavilion that was easily fabricated and de-installed for two people with a drill and a hammer. We built a prototype for a client in Mill Valley, CA.


AIA East Bay Exceptional Residential 2010, Award

Awarded an exceptional residential award for a design build that I participated in in graduate school. The concept was to develop a customizable backyard pavilion that was easily fabricated and de-installed for two people with a drill and a hammer. We built a prototype for a client in Mill Valley, CA.


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