Miguel Muriana Cobo

Miguel Muriana Cobo

Jaén, ES



Graduate in Architecture (six years), and Master of Business Administration (one year). Professional with great initiative and motivation, looking for new challenges. I consider myself a dynamic and creative person with analytical aptitudes, ready to make decisions with judgment and responsibility; always focused on achieving objectives. I can manage time pressure and set relations with colleagues and clients. In addition, I consider myself to be a conscientious individual who places the highest premium on attention to detail; my international experience has made me a great team player for multidisciplinary and multicultural groups. 

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Hache Uve, Panama City, PA, Project Director Architect

Design direction of rehabilitation & restoration projects of buildings in Historic District of Pananá (UNESCO World Heritage List) for residential, hotel, retail and office use.

In charge of these main responsibilities and functions:

- Architectonic project design and construction management.
- Project coordination with the team architects.
- Technical management coordination with the main different teams, construction companies and professionals.
- Architectonic design and drawing in Cad, Revit and Sketchup programs.
- Technical direction of plans development.
- Design and development of constructive details.
- Technical and informative reports.
- Management and inspection of on-site visits.
- Administrative documentation management.
- Project presentations with clients.

Other functions and abilities:

- Economic and financial analysis of projects viability using pertinent programs and technics.
- Real Estate Benchmarking.
- Use of analytical and quantitative techniques to analyze financial statements within the context of risk assessment and firm valuation including Real Estate investments and architectural projects.

Jun 2014 - current

Archiarena, Madrid, ES and Santo Domingo, RD, Architect for Heritage Restoration Projects

Collaborated with the Cathedral´s Construction and Museums Office (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Plans for Restoration Projects proposals:
-The Primate American Cathedral, Santo Domingo (UNESCO World Heritage List), Dominican Republic
-Colegio Mayor San Ildefonso, Alcalá de Henares (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Spain
-Capilla de San Ildefonso, Alcalá de Henares (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Spain
-La Merced Church, Panama City, Panama

After finishing the works I was in charge, I decided to finish this labor relationship because there was no opportunity to continue developing my professional career.

Jul 2013 - Dec 2013


Organized virtual and on-site visits, and undertook topographical and planimetrical surveys, elaborated blueprints and construction details, carried out plotting and mapping and responsible for maintenance.
Proactive participation in problem management during the construction process, and participated actively in architects´, project managers’ and construction directors’ meetings. Benchmarking for national and international studio promotion.

Worked on the following projects:
-Three Residential Towers in Ripagaina, Pamplona, Navarre, Spain (Completed)
-Nature Interpretation Centre in Bardenas Reales Natural Park, Navarre, Spain (Under development)
-Youth Residence in Bardenas Reales Natural Park, Navarre, Spain (Under development)
-Luxury Dwellings Building in Roncesvalles Avenue, Pamplona, Navarre, Spain (Under Construction)
-EON España Building, Santander, Cantabria, Spain (Completed)
-San Francisco Javier Rehabilitation Clinic, Pamplona, Navarre, Spain, (Under development)
-Musical Space for Youth, Santander, Cantabria, Spain (Completed)

Architecture competitions:
-Ideas for the integration of the Guadalmedina River, Málaga, Spain

Sep 2011 - Sep 2012

Asesoría Muriana, Jaén, ES, Associate in family business

Tax preparation and auditing; tax, economic and accounting services.

Experience in the study of commercial and tax laws, financial statement analysis, accounting maintenance and administrative processes management.

Jun 2003 - Aug 2011


IE Business School, Madrid, ES, Masters, Master in International Management

Instituto de Empresa, ranked No. 1 in Europe by Financial Times Dec 2O13

The core period focuses on the cornerstones of business management and builds a solid foundation for the in-depth exploration of the business organization as a whole, not just as a sum of its parts. In the specialization we learned principles and theory of the accounting and auditing process, while exploring the regulatory environment, business law and corporate valuation, among other crucial topics and we became competent in applying quantitative and qualitative methods to financial decision-making for organizations in complex, multinational and transnational situations.

It covers these subjects: Financial Statement Analysis and Accounting, Auditing, Management Control, Risk Management, Accounting Forensics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Valuation, Business Law, Corporate Taxation, Capital Planning and Budgeting, Quantitative Methods, Economic Environment analysis.

Sep 2012 - Jul 2013

Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona, ES, BArch, Architecture

One of the best Architecture Schools in Spain and Europe with important figures of contemporary architecture as teachers. I learned excellent skills to develop novel solutions to traditional problems. Furthermore, I obtained skills to work with people in such a manner as to build high group commitments to goals and objectives. Acquired a great flexibility to face changes in deadlines and responsibilities. Deep knowledge in construction and structural subjects. Artistic skills for drawing, abstraction and expression of concepts and ideas.

Sep 2005 - Jun 2011

Areas of Specialization