Anna Misharina

Anna Misharina

Walnut Creek, CA, US



Anna Misharina is a part of Studio CRIT, a research studio that stresses the capacity of architecture as a multi-disciplinary practice with writing, research and design intervention. The studio focuses on understanding spatial conceptualization and production in relation to the changing context of both increasing globalization and the dispersal of local cultures. She received her BSA from Moscow Architectural Institute, Russia, MA from Umea School of Architecture, Sweden. Previously she worked as a research assistant on infrastructural project at Humlab, Umea University, Sweden. 



Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå, SE, Masters, LiAi (Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention)

LiAi Master Program (Laboratory of Immediate Architectural Intervention) at UMA, Sweden, has added to my technical skills a deeper understanding of social and political effects of architecture and was concentrated on an analysis and comprehension of the complexities of urban environment and its qualitative transformation through interventions and critical projects.

Sep 2011 - Jun 2013

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) - MArchI, Moscow, RU, Bachelors, Bachelor

The undergraduate curriculum in Architectural studies in Moscow introduced me to a
wide variety of subjects related to different aspects of the discipline. Various courses like;
Building Construction, History of Art, Architecture, Urban Planning, Drawing, Painting and
Sculpture provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011

Areas of Specialization