Miroslava Sesulkova

Miroslava Sesulkova

Brno, CZ


Thermal Baths in Yverdon Les Bains

    The objective of my master project was to design thermal baths in Yverdon Les Bains, Switzerland as a part of a master program that concentrated on five human senses. 

    My design is introducing a solution based on typical character of self-standing spa pavilions usually placed in parks. I combined this character with contemporary architectural philosophy. 

    All the procedures - swimming, bathing, rehabilitation and wellness happen in spa house located in the middle of historical park. Additional services, such as hotel extension, restaurant or spa administration are placed also in the park keeping the impression of pavilions. All the interventions respect the human scale carefully.

    Concept of my design presents two basic layers - park and spa house. Both these layers are represented in surfaces whose physical tangible borders became essential elements of whole project. 

    A spa house reminisces a ship that anchors in the park with people observing the city from the ship’s deck.   

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Status: School Project
Location: Yverdon-les-Bains, CH