Mirla Montanez

Mirla Montanez

Los Angeles, CA, US

Mirla Montanez
Mirla Montanez
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USC/Jefferson Transportation Hub

The site chosen is located near the University of Southern California near a busy area of Los
Angeles. This site would benefit from a transportation hub because it is fairly close to corporate
Los Angeles and the majority of business people take advantage of public transportation. This
area is heavily populated with college students who a huge percentage of, own a bicycle. The
hub would encourage the bike rental for outsiders coming into this area, whether it is to visit or
for USC events. There will be a park and ride area where people can leave their cars and
continue with public transportation whether it is a bicycle, the use of a rickshaw, or the metro
line adjacent to the site.
The hub is covered by an open air pavillion which also becomes its own
structure. As the structure comes down onto the ground, it develops seperate spaces where
different programs begin to form. The pavillion will show an emphasis on the corner of Figueroa
and Jefferson which is the most important intersection in the site. The programs are organized
around the site, leaving space for a green gathering area located in the center of the hub.

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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Designer

Mirla Montanez
Mirla Montanez
Mirla Montanez
Mirla Montanez