Mingbo Peng

Mingbo Peng

Rochester, NY, US


Orbis - Sustainable transportation hub

The term "border" commonly refers to a stopping point or boundary line. At this point, one culture separates itself from another: physically, culturally and politically. Nature does not respect these borders, as they are constructed by man. As seawater, wind, light, rain, and organisms, a border should always be moving. A border is a place that is constantly moving; a border is the first impression and a place to welcome into a new country. 

Orbis is the new China-South Korea border crossing, located in Weihai, China. This is an island-shaped structure combined with several sustainable features, such as integrated wind turbines, tidal turbines, seaweed fermentation system, and biofuel-electricity generator. Wind, rain, light and seawater are all welcomed into the structure, unlike the majority of other buildings that attempt to keep nature out entirely. These natural elements are designed to generate economic benefits.

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Status: School Project