obi michael

obi michael

Lagos, NG



Much like any other toddler, I had a strong affinity for drawing, painting,
arranging jigsaws, and finding patterns or for short - playing. Unlike many who
sway away from this childish misdemeanour, however, I’ve not completely
rubbed my mind of this playful scape.

During my years of study, I learnt about the famous names in architecture and
their contributions along with a host of other courses, which I originally
thought to be irrelevant to the field. By the conclusion of my bachelors, I had
concluded that the subject areas that I had grown particularly interested in
where sustainable design, especially greenery and passive daylight, computer
aided design and urban design.

In retrospect to the current condition of my adopt state, Lagos, where
architecture under the attendant socio-economic disparities have done a fine
job at not making long term strategic investment (structures) to ensure an
affordable fully operative and aesthetically pleasing state. My ambition is to revert
that state.


UCSI University, Northwing, KL., BArch, B Sc. Architecture

Completed Foundation in Architectural Design Studies along with 1st and 2nd year of degree before transfer.

Sep 2007 - current

Coventry University, Malaysia, Legenda, BArch, B Sc. (HONS) Architectural Design Technology

Sep 2010 - May 2012


Deans list, 1st Place