Michele Deegan

Michele Deegan

New York, NY, US




Consulting For Architects, Inc. Careers, New York, Director of Recruitment

Consulting for Architects, Inc. New York | Los Angeles, was founded 1984 with one goal in mind: To identify architects and firms with compatible design sensibilities and match them on a project or permanent basis. As a published designer with educational and professional background in architecture, CFA founder and CEO David McFadden spearheads the firm's efforts to address the specific needs of customers. CFA is a true “market-maker,” with thousands of successful project and permanent placements - all thanks to its esteemed clients, comprised of hundreds of independent professionals and firms on both sides of the hiring equation.

Project Placement
Many architectural professionals desire an alternative to traditional employment – especially if they feel pigeon-holed or desire a flexible schedule. CFA project placement offers that alternative. We match architects and firms with similar design sensibilities, on a project or permanent basis. Architects that avail themselves to our service for a 1-3 year period gain a variety of experiences and at multiple firms. Armed with a broader portfolio when re-entering the workforce, they are more marketable than their peers and demand more responsibility and higher pay.

Permanent placement
When it is time to find a new firm and further your career and financial status, CFA has a number of exciting full-time opportunities for you to consider. As important as the firm you choose is your title and responsibilities. Never make a parallel move when changing employers, always put yourself in position to succeed. CFA also targets specific firms on your wish list using its extensive list of relationships developed over the years.

Nov 1997 - current