Michael Signorile

Michael Signorile

Hoboken, NJ, US


SURE HOUSE - Solar Decathlon 2015 - Stevens Institute of Technology

The SURE HOUSE started with a simple question: how can we design a home which both reduces its energy use and adapts to the realities of a changing, more extreme climate. Our answer emerged as a new direction in storm resilient coastal housing. We merged the inherently efficient indoor/outdoor rooms and open floor plan of the quintessential 60’s style modern beach cottage with state of the art building science, the latest renewable energy technologies, and fiber-composite materials repurposed from the boat building industry. The result is a building armored against extreme weather that uses 90% less energy than its conventional cousins, powers itself through clean solar energy, and in the aftermath of a storm becomes a hub for emergency power to the neighborhood… all of this packaged as a comfortable, beautiful beach house.


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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hoboken, NJ, US
My Role: Project Architecture Manager - My work at SURE HOUSE as Architectural Project Manager focuses primarily on working on the overall design (interior + exterior), the project manual, renderings and representing the house in a comprehensive and compelling man
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