Michael Penzel

Michael Penzel

Edison, NJ, US



I will graduate Philadelphia University’s five year architecture program in May of 2018 with honors. During my time in school I have successfully kept a 3.2 GPA while holding an on campus job and serving on the AIAS chapter board. I have the honor of being the 2017-2018 chapter President. I am a hard worker who knows how to be a valued team member as well as a leader. A strong public speaker and always willing to accept new challenges. My designs have strong public components when appropriate and are specifically made to better the area and community they reside in. I strongly believe a building or space should give back to where it is and enhance the site and location it is in.  I am looking to do everything I can to dive deeper into the world of architecture and design and learn everything I can. 


Turner Construction Company, Princeton, NJ, US, Summer Intern

I worked on site for the Lewis Center of the Arts building at Princeton University. I had many tasks including going through the different iterations of CDs and found unanswered RFIs. Learned a lot about the process of making a building past the final design phases.

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015


Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, US, BArch, Architecture

A 5 year accredited program that teaches both the conceptual and realistic aspect of design. Techniques from hand drawings to software like Revit and Autocad are used as well as model making with a variety of materials.

Aug 2013 - current


InnoLight Competition, 1st Place

First place winner of the 2016 Innolight Competition which is a competition organized by Julle Oksanen and Hannu Tikka of the Light and Space Academy between Philadelphia Univeristy, Aalto University in Finland and the University of Oregon. It was designed in only one week.

We were asked to make a pop-up instillation to be placed on Walnut Street, Center City Philadelphia. The only requirement was to use lighting to transform the space.

The Playscape is an escape from the pressures of everyday life. Using a slightly opaque tensile material that stretches in all directions, People can break away from their usual routines and enjoy the playful nature of bouncing. The white glowing path going through the terrain creates different topographies for sitting, running and jumping. At night an entire new element is introduced when the pressure sensitive lights activate. The lights and colors change with the pressure being applied which adds a whole new layer of interaction and excitement for all ages.


Areas of Specialization